Christopher James Wellesley Noble is a British, Portland-Oregon-USA-based designer of graphics and other good things.

Over the last couple decades and a bit, he’s started, creative-directed and otherwise run genre-leading companies, won fancy awards, written about himself in the third person and worked for mega-corps and nano-projects, all with the same focus and need to inspire, collaborate and innovate.

A web-based portfolio is on the cards, but meanwhile, download the interactive PDF of his best work and/or résumé. They have click-click links on them so you can nip around faster than Garfield finds lasagna, but it’s better to download the portfolio and open it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader as the embedded videos don’t always work in browsers. Hashtag-small-Adobe-frustrations.

Bonus: since the last time you looked, he’s honed his portfolio from ninety-something pages down to forty-odd plus title pages. No more need for a pee half way through.

He can also write: here’s some proof.

And make use of that email link! Don’t be a stranger, ya hear?