I’m a business thinker. A brand thinker. A graphic designer. I do other things too, only not as well.

As a successful, highly experienced creative director and business manager, I have my eyes wide open for work that will exploit and stimulate my proven abilities. I am a resourceful, intelligent problem-solver with an aptitude for incisive, original thought and simple, beautiful functionality—in design and its management—that enhances the brand and its bottom line.

In 1992, along with two partners and at twenty years old, I started a business with me as Creative Director. We ended up publishing five much-admired sports magazines. For a while, we also made a nice little lifestyle magazine called Level with which we won the UK’s 1999 National Design Awards’ coveted “Best Designed Consumer Magazine” title.

As well as running the business, I designed everything for the company itself and art directed Level, Ride UK BMX Magazine and the associated websites. I art directed our skateboard, mountainbike and motocross magazines—designing each at times—but gave those magazines’ designers as much freedom as possible. We hired people with highly compatible outlooks so they wouldn’t need a lot of hand-holding. We produced videos to complement our magazines and I designed packaging and video motion graphics for many of them. We sold the successful company in 2006.

Between the 13,000 magazine pages, I’ve designed and branded for various third-parties, from high-tech and fashion companies to eateries, and for people like James Holder, the master Creative Director of Superdry. During my years of moving type, images and strategies around, I’ve designed numerous brand logos, brochures, vehicle graphics, clothing graphics, packaging, point of sale displays, advertisements, websites and so on.