Christopher James Wellesley Noble is a British, Portland-Oregon-USA-based designer of graphics and other good things.

Over the last couple decades and a bit, he’s started, creative-directed and otherwise run genre-leading companies, won fancy awards, written about himself in the third person and worked for mega-corps and nano-projects, all with the same focus and need to learn and innovate.

This is his latest temporary(?) excuse for a portfolio site.

A web-based version is on the cards, but being sad around design compromise, he’s not going to use some rad-templates.com offering, no sir.

Like his mac ’n’ cheese, he’s making a site from scratch (as of summer 2017).

Meanwhile, download the interactive PDF of his portfolio and/or résumé—they have click-click links on them so you can nip around faster than Garfield finds lasagna.

Bonus: since the last time you looked, he’s honed his portfolio from ninety-something pages down to thirty-odd plus title pages. No more falling asleep half way through.

And make use of that email link! Don’t be a stranger, ya hear?