In a former life I was cofounder and creative director of a publishing company that helped elevate the fortunes and look of two-wheeled action sports. These days I’m all sorts of creative for a whole bunch of brands from nonstarters to Fortune 500s.

I have a massive dose of the creative fidgets.

My overactive mind spends a lot of time identifying problems. Given time, it solves them too — most of the time. If it’s not solving problems or otherwise distracted my brain tends to bang out random brilliant-slash-daft ideas at a fairly (un?)healthy rate.

In my head, I’ve launched a cheese-based restaurant and a muffin shop — mostly due to their witty names — artisanal Lego Minifig shelves (which happened for a bit), a non-profit bike shop/cafe/yoga studio, a few EV ventures and a social media network and app I’m a bit shocked no-one else has done. (Investors: do ask about the latter; I’d like to hear your opinion.)

Among other things.

I’m a self-taught Swiss army knife of a creator and as such you’ll likely get ideas out of left field from me. My thinking is more human-emotional-instinctive than lecture-learnt. I’ve always interrogated norms anyway. This lack of formal design education served me well way back when I beat established design-rule-followers Wallpaper*, GQ and Car to win the UK’s top magazine design award with Level, by virtue of its bold, something something look that the judges something something. (If I find the awards pamphlet, I’ll fill that out.)

But don’t worry. Whether you’re considering hiring me full-time or for freelance, I’ve become quite adept at the required processes and skills since sailing the seas of employment. I always play nice with a friendly face — if not a loud one. Can a face be loud?

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