Pop-Up Cannabis Store

A non-permanent pot shop in Las Vegas

Global Holiday Campaign

An adidas campaign, with feeling

Hand Drawn and Red All Over

Just watch, don't read

Style Pages

No police were at the door

Cold-Call RFP App Quickie

Honestly, the best veggie bacon

Next-Gen Bus Service Logo

A simple logo for a simplified mass transit

Action Sports Magazine Covers

Radical bonzadical rag wrapping

Global Retail Campaign: The Return

Picking up the retail reins for Columbia out of lockdown

“Chris challenges brands to think beyond the expected. He consistently develops highly refined solutions that provide a strong point of view while building on established foundations to craft new ways of imaging a brand.”
— Jason Bacon, Creative Director, Big‑Giant agency (USA)”


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“Chris applies a unique human-first approach to everything he creates, putting the user front and centre of the experience. He understands well that a unique, bespoke and tailored solution is what’s needed to make businesses and clients stand out.”
— Ryan England, owner, Many digital agency (UK)


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“Chris’s design experience is broad and quite impressive. He’s able to see the big picture and understands the emotional response he wants his audience to feel while still keeping an eye on attention to detail. He designs rad experiences that are actually doable, which is often easier said than done.”
— Jesse Luidhardt, VP of Creative, HERENOW Creative (USA)


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