For Snowboarder Magazine’s occasionally wacky front-of-book pages.

Process disclosure time.

One regular was called Fresh and Tracked, where pros named the things they like most and least. I took one or two of their answers, mashed together a hopefully humorous image in my head, found suitable photos online, roughly comped them together in Photoshop, printed them out and traced my illustration, adding various details, on the flip side in ink. Scanned that in, cleaned it up and auto-trace pathed it. Imported the paths into Illustrator to add colour and no reliance on resolution.

For Sicktionary — the Nixon one is the only example here — I drew each concept on a Wacom tablet attached to Illustrator.

The down feather is just a neat thing.

[ For Snowboarder Mag ]

Someone likes Cadillacs but not climate change activism.

Dicks on sticks: a derogatory name for skiers, apparently.

Someone criticising some riders getting too serious by employing coaches.

Something about liked fire, butterfly knives, beer, but not TV.

Someone extolling imagination through art. The illustration echoed the action photo.

Someone slating energy drinks’ dodgy chemical content.

A thing about down feather insulation.