Action Sports Magazine Covers

I had a pretty long stretch as Art Director for a few action sports magazines. Here are some covers picked out of the 170-odd such issues I designed.

That’s a lot of paper. Sorry, trees.

First off, some Snowboarder Magazine covers. The Travis Rice one won a popular publishing design website cover of the week award. Never hurts to get a little plaudit.

For the Shaun White cover, I added hatching shading made up of the text of his interview, small enough to work as hatching, but just large enough to read and recognise. As Shaun is for some snowboarders a persona non grata, it felt important to represent the readership’s ambivalence by not having a straight portrait cover of the flashy man. (See detail.)

A couple for Ride UK BMX Mag and Document Skateboard Magazine.

[ For Various ]

Featured riders’ names are super-dark. You might have to adjust your set to see them.

Steve Bancroft takes the credit for the photo setup.

This scanned-in oldie is here for my copy writing. The spine clarified the intrigue: the issue’s contents included riding contests, ‘opposite’ tricks and interviews.