Bicycle Parts Packaging +

It’s easy to design packaging. Unless you want to stand out and make people notice the brand for right reasons.

Grips are all about feel — after all, they’re connected to the most sensitive part of the body and, in BMX, hands and wrists take a beating. I designed these grips to offer plenty of padding, and as they’re made of recycled rubber, I integrated a classic A’Me grip pattern on the outer flange. The packaging allows shoppers to try the feel of grip without removing it from its packaging.

The seat/post combo packaging was designed to allow interaction with the product — most importantly, being able to feel how “super”-light it is. Competitors’ products tend to come in non-recyclable plastic or net bags which don’t allow that. There’s a slightly kooky idea weighing scale graphic on the front.

Images show distinct textures from the target riders’ world — dirt trails.

Plus, simple swing tags and a staple-on topper.

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