Global Retail Campaign: The Return

As my family packed our bags in the USA’s Pacific North West (to return to England) I was putting the near-final touches on Columbia Sportswear’s Spring 2021 global retail creative. Hopefully, it’ll help them get back up and running on the shop floor.

The supplied creative from their internal designers was very simple, leaving us with a pretty free rein. Taking into account the financial strains of the year of Covid, I designed comparatively simple displays integrating abstract shapes inspired by each initiative.

Rain drops for their waterproof gear, boat rigging for fishing and so on — plus a few shapes from other elements in the product branding. Each used layering and angles for a dynamic display across the store.

This simple approach makes for a good take-up on the shop floor. Simple materials and setup aren’t such a stretch — installs that will see more floors than just their highest-end doors. With its common direction, the brand gets a more connected story across the season.

I designed seven ‘stories’ across the journey. A selection of renders (by HERENOW’s 3D department) is shown below.

[ For Columbia ]