Adventure with Goats

Thanks to the subjects of the title, this design was inspired by the George Clooney CIA spoof movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats.

When designing things, I often get involved with aspects out of my remit. It’s hard to resist. For magazines, I often pulled pull quotes.*

My thinking about pull quotes is that they should draw people into the story, not tell the story itself. An intriguing lack of clarity. Hints of something amazingly interesting to be discovered. For this story, I pulled and redacted — CIA style — excerpts to leave humorous half-statements to compel people to read the story for clarification.

Aged Helvetica font also by me, from back in the day when I played with low-rent font design.

(Grey page = ad page.)

*For other mags, I also wrote cover lines and article titles.

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