Professional Layout

Listen. Once I put the stamp of “brand” on a magazine, it’s open season for articles to get their own bespoke treatment. All within brand standards™ of course. Here’s another article heavily influenced by the content creator’s art. Actually, just the mug shot he did.

Don’t ask me why Rob Dolecki shot Chris Doyle in a suit, on an office chair, by a river. I didn’t really care. But it 100% informed the title and look of the article. (I often wrote Ride titles as well as pulled quotes and whatnot. If I can get away with it I’ll always try to help where I think it’ll be helpful outside of my remit.)

Anyway. Yes. Chris Doyle does rule on a bike. But I manipulated that obvious statement and made it an arrogant business book title, of sorts, by one of those “self-made” millionaires: Chris Doyle’s Rules. Then I switched it back with an angry business-aggressive crossing-out — but with geometric lines for less-obviousness. The typeface smacks of caesar-like financial district attitude.

The anger continues across the pull quotes, honed down with more scratchings out. Also, angry red (taken from his tie and socks).

A mug shot pops up here and there, with a print screen treatment as if from a newspaper, perhaps. That guy can’t see enough of himself.

Then there was an iChat (remember iChat?) conversation too … it’s okay but would’ve been better with some of InDesign’s later tools and tricks. So don’t think I love that.

You. Get me a coffee. You’re fired.

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