Super Japan Travelogue

I’ve said it before and here’s no different. Layout is not an island unaffected by the content. So desu ne, Japan travel article.

It’s a layout with everything it needs, nothing else. Room to breathe in the sights. Quotes pulled (by me) to draw you into the read.

The first spread has our riders seemingly in awe of/hyped on the environment. The photo shows both — but not too much of either. Simple.

The following spread appears like the inside spread of a photo book, perhaps, and repeats the title like that. Photo choice lingers tantalisingly on atmosphere, culture, casual portraits.

Again, for spread three, another extraordinary cityscape. Can’t get enough. But not too much — finally, some shredding with a side of public signage abuse. See how organised the captions are. Was Aaron Ross busted?

Four, boom! Who knew article writer/photographer Walter Pieringer could shred? Maybe he set up the camera for rider Ryan Sher to click too. Skateparks in Japan, too.

Five: night. Cool. Epic. Iconic.

Then. More. Just enough. Perhaps a slap to finish.

[ For Ride UK BMX Mag ]