Magazine Opening Spreads

When designing action sports magazines I often kept body type consistent (for brand recognition) but designed tailored titles and other typo/graphic elements for each feature.

Here are a few openers for Ride UK BMX Magazine and Document Skateboard for which I temped between ADs (the Colin Kennedy one).

Top: Antony Lille is French, hence the flag colors and stylish curls. Très jolie. Full disclosure: the red/white/blue shapes were intended to sit behind the letters and poke through the letters’ holes, but they looked more je ne sais quoi on top so I left them there.

Next: lettering and illustration also by me. You’ll see I eschewed obvious choices for spread photo choice.

Colin Kennedy: great photos. Deep chap. Kind of a legend. Kept it clean.

Bottom: the photographer said he shot the images in a ‘cinematic’ style, so without being too overt I designed the layout to appear as if its parts were projected onto a screen (with different projectors).

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