Boxes for Bike Forks

A box. With graphics. Easy. I made it a bit harder, but within reason.

There’s just so much you can do with packaging. Unfortunately, choices were limited here as the template came straight from the Taiwan factory.

I like to hide elements in unusual places for people to discover as they unpack. (I imagine the internal squeals of delight.) I initially hid the “The Only F in Fork” and graphic icons on the tuck-in flaps, but the client wanted them where they are. Timeline was short and it had to go to print — and, well, it was a freebee tucked between other work. No time to rethink.

The red logo wraps around all three sides quite well, though — see the mock-up — and the brand name wraps around to look great on the front, but drive folks to look at the back, where the USPs and specs are.

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