A Sick! Sports Network Logo

I always put a little meaning into my logos. Sometimes, too much. Sometimes, just about right.

This was for a new network of action sports websites straight outta California. They needed a corporate logo and connected site logos.

The “Vital” moniker had me thinking of that most vital of organs — the heart. But a big old luv-heart as logo is no fit for action sports. So I halved it, which made it look like a location pointer and perhaps a speech bubble — both relevant to the network’s content. It retains its ‘V’ (for ‘Vital’) shape, too. Digital data and text content is represented by the lines in the main logo. The Helvetica Rounded type is cheeky in the vein* of action sports.

*Pun intended.

For the website logos, the semi-heart transforms 90° and to slices of skateboard that’s seen better days, a BMX tyre (from the rider’s eye view) and a tailpipe.

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