Print Mag 1, Online 0

Level, the print mag, was my baby (also other people’s baby, it’s complicated) and ten years after we killed it (that sounds bad) I got bored of not working on it and gave it an online presence.

Below are V1 and V2.

V1: With some cobbled PHP, the content of left and right columns flipped to older/newer content without affecting the other. (On the right are ads given to friends.)

V2: Still online and closer to a standard blog format with automatic but length-aware extracts and other little tricks.

Both digital versions were built in the raw-design-focussed CMS, Textpattern. No templates.

Turns out I’m not much of an editor. For me, it was more about the challenge of making a good-looking site in the Level brand style. It’s been untouched since 2012. If you want to edit it, send a CV. There’s no money in it, unless you can work out different. Honestly, I’d love to make it work.

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