Global Store Initiatives

Columbia are an outdoor brand with deep roots in the outdoors — and a hankering to be a bit trendy. Who doesn’t? One proviso: let’s not put off the Florida fisherfolk.

Soon after my introduction to the brand (building all their partner-store creative for the season) our agency got hit by the global campaign — and Covid-19. Half working in unnerved times and half hastily working from home, we got to work. With the Design Director out of action struck down by the virus, I took on the entire creative aspect, with three 3D geniuses making my sketches and notes look pretty darned good.

There were 18 or so initiatives spread across the season. Each initiative had all the zones from windows to walls. Attract, engage, connect.

Here’s a smattering from what was to be Columbia’s Autumn 2020. (Whatever happened to Autumn 2020?)

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