NBA × Nike: A Cross-Campus Exhibit

Nike took on the NBA contract a few years back and wanted to celebrate that all over their world headquarters in sunny Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

The wheels for this project were already in motion when I joined the agency handling this project, but it was very early days. Almost everything would change. Budgets and multiple stakeholders tend to have that effect.

Despite those not uncommon challenges, I took the creative lead with the agency crew at Big-Giant and got it done all the way through an 18-hour installation. I lead an eager young team of a couple of designers and 3D modellers, not to mention the production department.

A massive campus, 23 exhibition cases, so many stories to tell — I learnt a lot about the brand’s impact on The Game — impressive stuff — and various room exhibits across lots of buildings and the only time I have designed a clothes hanger.

Nothing but net.

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