In-Store Video Animation

Motion is eye candy in any environment. Our brains are tuned to look for it. We’re basically T-Rexes.

Converse were having a seasonal sale with ‘up to 50% off’ and I was charged with designing all the graphics for all touchpoints. My concept and execution: the static ‘SALE’ lockup’s title letters had up to 50% off of (missing from) their flat-dimensional forms. (I wish I had those lockups to show, but I do not.)

That idea was blown up for the hypnotic motion piece, which loops seamlessly. I built a thorough brief and storyboard, as well as static graphics torn apart and layered in Illustrator ready to put into motion. Our After Effects pro (at Big-Giant agency) made it reality at 30fps as I directed from the back seat.

The original involved more offer-messaging and animated typography, but that wouldn’t fly across markets.

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