Flagship Store Paraphernalia

An extraordinary amount of bespoke design went into the adidas NYC flagship store, and I was tasked with much of it. From simple bags to dynamic gift card wallets, I made sure everything was as considered and compelling as possible.

Shopping bags with six-figure print runs, T-shirts for the build crew few and everything in between were all given my full attention to detail. Typographic standards and on-brand design should never be neglected. A brand is only as strong as its weakest link.

Gift card holders seem like nothing to think about, but I had other ideas. I found a company making elevated card wallets (made out of recycled and recyclable card) to bring a heightened sense a value to the higher-value gift cards. Add graphics produced in-house and my portrait of Adi Dassler hidden behind the card, and you’ve got yourself something a bit special.

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