I’m not an artist.

I don’t mess up my kitchen with pots of paint and canvasses piled everywhere. I don’t have ink under my nails. I tried to do daily drawings a couple of years ago — that lasted about five days.

But sometimes I have to pretend to be an artist for a bit.

These times include drawing Adi Dassler of adidas, for adidas, for the NYC flagship store I was working on. This appeared on stickers, around the NYC flagship store, and on other random three-striped projects. I proposed a spray stencil of it, Shepard Fairey style, but maybe I didn’t present it hard enough. Presentations are everything.

The other three chaps were for Ride UK BMX Mag articles.

There is one of Anna Paquin, for no reason other than to have a go at that style. Is that artisting?

[ For Various ]

Robbie Morales

Dennis McCoy

Adi Dassler

Anna Paquin